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About Us

     Established in 1967, Polatlar Group operates in Construction Machinery Spare Parts manufacturing, distribution and after sales services fields.

     Polatlar Group Sanayi was established by Mr. D. Ali Polat  in 1967 in Demir Sanayi that is  the first industrial center of  Ankara. İnitially Mr. D. Ali Polat has gained required  knowledge  and experiences in spare part of the  construction issue by repairing spare part of the  construction machinery for Çukurova Corp. was Caterpillar  Dealer from 1975-1992, Polat  Makina has started mass  producing replacement spare parts in 1988.

     With its 65  employees, wide sales and distribution network Polat Makine  serves the Construction Machinery  industry as leading and reliable partner, having in mind international standards in the areas of quality assurance, corporate social responsibility, environmental protection and customer satisfaction.

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